The Farlex Grammar Book

Contributor to the the new online grammar book by the creators of Thefreedictionary.com.


I am currently contributing to FluentU’s English Learner and English Educator blogs.

Rochard English

I provide Rochard English school with content for their English language learner blogs. I write in English for advanced learners, and Spanish for beginners.

English blog

Union Media LLC.

I provide test preparation pamphlets and practice material for English language exams as well as other exams such as the PSAT.

EL Gazette

I published a piece on prospects of teaching English in Vietnam for the EL Gazette, the most widely distributed newspaper for English language teachers.

See the article here.


My articles for this Grad School website are based on my own experience as a grad student, and focus on humor and lifestyle in higher ed.

TEFL Adventures

My personal blog geared towards English language teachers. Some of my most popular blogs on teaching practice can be found at:

I’ve also blogged about my experiences living abroad. Some examples posts are:

Not Quite Irish

My newest hobby, Not Quite Irish, is a personal account of my experiences living in the west of Ireland.